Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


The astral atmosphere will allow to communicate better and to share more things with your loved ones. It’s time to make your voice heard.

You tend to be very reserved with your friends and family, perhaps because you’re prudent, or bashful, not telling them about your problems at work, or if you’ve had a quarrel with your partner.

Stop being a supporting actor, and become the main character in your life, you’re the only one directing that film day after day!

You’ll see that opening up, and letting others see your bare soul, will be very beneficial, it will help you look at your feelings more calmly, and it will set you free.

To top it all, Venus promotes a good day for couples, where you’ll get some news that will allow you to improve your quality of life. If you’re single, on the other hand, you’ll think about not being single anymore.

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Go over your numbers carefully, and add the money you’ve got under your couch if you’re thinking about investing in your home.

You’re thinking about spending a good bit of money on your house, investing in something which improves your quality of life or that of those around you.

The Magic Horoscopes indicate that the idea itself isn’t a bad one, but it would be better if you did it yourself rather than hiring someone to do it.

You’d be using your free time wisely, making the most of it, and you’ll allow your creativity to flourish and develop.


The weekend is fast approaching and you should think, if you have the time, about doing a little day trip or nice outing.

And if it’s centred around your health, all the better! Think about whether you want to go hiking, or spend an evening in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

There’s bad news though: Jupiter will make you envious of other people’s bodies, but don’t let this destroy your self-esteem.