Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The sky is definitely ready to offer you the most beautiful dreams. Your relationship will be filled with joie de vivre and it will be spicier than usual. You’ll feel the arrival of the weekend!

So if you’re in a relationship, your connection will be palpable, and you’ll make each other’s lives easier. It’ll be like magic!

If you’re single you’ll learn to love yourself better, and you’ll leave some insecurities behind. An old relationship that ended abruptly, and damaged your self-confidence, still weighs you down.

You’ll have plenty of chances to flirt, with spontaneous dates and fun left, right and centre, and under said influences your adventure will be wonderful. Allow yourself to get carried away, Taurus, and don’t be afraid to lose what you don’t even have yet!

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You might experience difficult times in terms of your finances, especially if some things you really need, like your car, break down, forcing you to take it to the garage. Get your checkbook ready, the repair will be quite dear!

But Uranus will give you perseverance, and you’ll manage to sort out some rather dire situations.

At work you’ll have a chance to take a step back and polish certain details before you have to make important professional decisions. It will be the time to carry out balances, with an objective mind frame which will be stimulated by the stars.


We all know the value of good health, but not many people are reasonable enough to look after theirs and safeguard it.

Be very strict with your lifestyle and avoid any kinds of excess, categorically. But also, keep in mind that once you achieve your health goals you’ll have to increase your efforts tenfold to maintain the results throughout time, whether it’s your weight, muscle mass, or anything of the sort!

The stars will give you great dynamism and you’ll know how to listen to them whenever you have doubts regarding your wellbeing.

Bubble baths will be very gratifying and will help you relax.