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Sunday will be an oasis for you. Life will be a warm, nice place where the Moon will come out and play a crucial role to solve disagreements between couples.

Those minor arguments you have are absolutely no threat for the stability of your relationship, although no one could deny that they do break your harmony somehow!

Just by communicating a little more, you'll manage to sort everything out calmly, and in a clean, exceptional way, you'll manage to make the other person fully express their point of view, fears and opinions, and personal criteria.

This is the only way you can find a solution and make your Sunday a true paradise!

If you're single, you'll experience passionate and stimulating, yet unpredictable romance.


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You'll be going through rough waters, but you'll have a feel of the sweet taste of victory with all the fish you'll see.

You'll receive news about changes that will affect money and the way you improve your personal finances, although these news will be a leak.

There won't be anything official, but all of it will be true, and with that same information in your hands, you should start thinking to see how to get benefits out of it.

Make good use of your advantage; it's a powerful trump card you can pull out later to earn your share of the profits (as long as your greed doesn't end up ripping the bag for wanting to fit in too much money).

If a relative calls upon your door asking for a loan, you'll be tempted to say no right away.

However, give them a chance to explain anyway. Let them tell you what their situation is to understand why they need a financial helping hand.


Sometimes, when it comes to health, preventing problems could cause new issues that weren't planned in the first place, as much of a paradox as it sounds.

Therefore, don't be too puristic and don't get stuck within your plastic bubble when you explore the world, or there'll be too little air in your lungs.

The feeling of freedom will be intense, and you'll want to experience every minute of the day, not letting frustration or bad vibrations take over.

Also, don't forget about the power of a good smile. It opens more doors than a master key!