Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



People usually say that childhood is the time where we grow and develop our skills to be affectionate, generous and respectful.

But it's never too late, so stop making your age and excuse and quit saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks, Taureans.

The process of love can evolve and enrich your inner selves at all stages of life, and you might have woken up on the wrong foot today, but stop barking already!

Try to make your life partner happier, and especially your children (or parents), who are in serious need of your affection.


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Ignore the advice from that tiny little demon overlooking your shoulders and encouraging you to break the rules, especially at work.

It is true that your willingness to work your best and bringing out the best for your own sake is hidden or repressed, but you can't throw away all the good work you've done.

Therefore, don't be reckless and avoid breaking the rules. Follow the pre-set schedule and do things according to the guidelines of your company and field of expertise.

In fact, you might think that just because you stepped out of line this once, it's okay; but you don't know how many eyes (and cameras) are watching your moves, and how many people are actually trying to catch you on a slip to give you a warning (or a punishment).


Sometimes you're too puristic, Taureans, and you take so much care of yourselves, the way you act and watch out for your wellness is counterproductive for your health.

Of course, self-control is essential for a complete vital development of your body and mind, but if you forbid yourselves from doing too many things, you might go crazy in the end.

Besides, don't follow those fads that say that traditional foods and meals are bad for our body. Are you sure they don't do good for your body, or are you just coming together with the crowd?

If you're expecting hospital news to undergo an operation, keep your phone in close range, because it's quite likely that you're called today to give you that much desired appointment.