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You’ll have to fish out hearts, but the turbulent waters put you off: you want everything to go according to plan, and your sarcastic humour is one of your best tools, which will make your charm irresistible all around (if you’re a single Taurus).

If you’re in a stable relationship, the bull will lead its partner in creative directions, which disrupt the monotony and promote laughter and debauchery.

Plus, you’ll know how to mitigate any dangers and potential problems in your relationship, of which you’re fully aware.

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If you work directly for your boss or a manager, you might be blamed for the loss or destruction of important documentation, even if it wasn’t your fault.

So be extra careful today, don’t let anything out of your sight, and check the important bits over and over.

With your accounts there’ll be small faults, due to the numbers not adding up, amounts that once added together are less than they should and all kinds of problems.

Don’t lose your rag: if you remain calm you’ll find where the error is, and things will get back on track.

This way you’ll avoid money problems!


With the stars’ blessing, your health and wellbeing will be nearly perfect or at least close to what your idea of perfection is.

You’ll share this good period with your partner and children, and you’ll be able to undertake group activities filled with complicity, and have memorable times together. How long has it been since you all played football together? It’s the perfect time to do it again!

Gluttony will be your undoing, as pointed out by the Magic Horoscope. It will be hard (but not impossible) to resist the temptation of junk food or sweets and ice cream if you have the right weather for it.

And careful: don’t trust the “sugar-free” or “light” labels on the products. That doesn’t mean they’re not packed full of empty calories!