Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Have you somehow travelled to another country without realising it? Or why is it that you can’t understand what those around you are talking about, and they don’t understand what you’re trying to say either, not even your partner does.

You need to do some serious soul searching to find balance within you during this confusing day, in which, to top it all off, you’ll be very skeptical.

What’s the Magic Horoscope’s advice? Don’t overthink things, don’t get overwhelmed and let things flow. In the end, you’ll recognize your beloved’s eyes again, those that had gotten lost somewhere.

In the current spiral, many bachelors will feel proud of their status and will want to carry on like that, for the time being.

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Have you ever been jealous of anyone professionally? If your answer is no, you’ll soon find there’s a first time for everything in life, and you’ll get very jealous, very soon.

You’ll mistrust newcomers who do the same thing you do, who could ruin what you’ve been preparing for so long, and even steal your thunder.

Your heart tells you to give them a chance, you could learn from their experiences, but your bank account is telling you to destroy them.

Learn to cut down your expenses by looking for offers at different stores, don’t buy impulsively, and compare prices at different stores before buying anything.


Mercury doesn’t make you very resilient, and you should avoid extreme weather conditions, both too hot and too cold.

This could even be at work, if you work in a hot kitchen or near boilers, or inside walk-in freezers.

That aside, there’s nothing noteworthy happening, so long as you keep your feet on the earth, and above all, be sensible.

Temptation will be all around you, but you have to be strong and say no to that which is detrimental to your health.