Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Many questions will arise in your heart today, some of which you thought you already had the answer to. These questions poison your behaviour, covering it with a sadness that can only push you away from people.

Try, Taurus, to control your sensitivity, which is heightened. Your mind demands calm and rest, and you should try to have those things.

This matters that are troubling you might be related to an old flame or an ex you’ve recently heard from. They’re doing very well, better than when you were in their lives, and you want to know why. Don’t torment yourself this way, it’s old news, alright?

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You have a huge desire to travel, Taurus, and you’re thinking about going to a travel agency to see how much it would cost to make your dreams come true.

There’s no harm in finding out, alright, but analyze your situation a little, as advised by the Magic Horoscope. Ask yourself if going halfway across the world when you don’t even know if you have sufficient resources to make it until tomorrow.

At work, you’ll have a good disposition.

You’ll put your skills at your company’s disposition to improve your image, or restore it if you’ve recently made a big mistake at work. Those around you will understand you’ve been through a complicated few weeks but will give you space to find your centre again.


Try not to self-medicate every time something hurts, Taurus. These products should always be prescribed by a professional.

The daily prediction shows you’ll suffer from a mild headache or some discomfort in the area of your head or neck. Search for natural remedies.

Add things such as garlic to your diet, which helps regulate your blood pressure, preventing hypertension. Also, it reduces the risk of strokes and cleans and strengthens your body, boosting your immune system to fight germs off.