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Some planets will protect your conjugal life, amongst them, Venus, the magical goddess of love under whose power any romance is possible.

All will be well if your relationship is strong and you’ve built it on solid foundations, solid enough to remain calm during an argument.

The bad winds won’t take away your desire to make your other half happy, and you’ll even want to experience exciting and spontaneous adventures with them.

If you’re single, you’ll want to go on the prowl and collect thrilling adventures. But if you overdo it you might get into sticky situations where you’ll come out with a painful feeling of dissatisfaction.

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You’ll be very strict with your budget, you won’t splurge out celebrating or partying, but it might happen that your children or partner ask for more and more. When will they learn that there’s no magic money tree? That, unfortunately, you have to work hard to earn it!

The stars advise you against recommending friends or family for certain positions at work. Your good disposition might cost you dearly.

If tomorrow these people turn out to be bad at their job, you’ll have to answer for it, and let’s be honest, you have enough as it is, having to justify every single thing you do at work, you don’t need to be worrying about the performance of others!


Steer clear of alleged weight loss medicines, if they have any effect at all, they might cause more harm than good.

Be especially careful with pills made to regulate your blood sugar levels, which some foolish people are using to inhibit their appetite.

The only things that can help you lose weight in a healthy and balanced way are self-discipline, a healthy diet of five meals a day, and a daily workout session of at least half an hour. There’s no shortcuts, Taurus.

The Magic Horoscope invites you to be additionally careful today when out and about, whether you’re walking or driving. Don’t speed and always cross the road at pedestrian crossings.