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If something doesn't go the way you thought it would, your mood will go sour this Friday, because of a complete lack of harmony from Mercury.

This star will make the relationship with your partner pretty delicate, despite the fact that you're in good shape for communication, but it's just that things will grow awkward.

Sometimes it'll take extra effort from both of you to keep conversations going.

In the event of black clouds sticking around in your life, there might be a time when you even think whether it's actually worth it to try and find out of home whatever it is you're missing.

On the other hand, if you're lonely, your chances of meeting someone appropriate will be high and lucky.

Keep your expectations clear so that your search goes by according to plan; don't fall in love with the very first stranger you see just because they offer up some love.


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What can you do to make change happen, Taureans? Because you need financial growth (and of course, you need to see that incoming money spreading around and being used wisely).

You need to get rid of some prejudice lurking around in your mind, which makes you think you can't be taking the lead of certain powerful positions, or that there's jobs where you can't show your worth.

You should enter a one-way road into defeating fear once and for all, because it's time for your accounts to grow bigger. You deserve it and you're entitled to that.


Sensibility should be the top feat today to watch out for your wellness, without ever thinking that everything you've done up to now was a mistake.

Redirect the areas of your life you know aren't going well and which don't ensure you'll reach old age with comfort and energy.

If needed, ask a healthcare expert to set an itinerary for you in order for you to learn how.

Also, your throat will be sensitive this Friday, so don't forget to have a scarf on you at all times to protect yourselves.