Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


Your relationship won’t be in as good a shape as you’d want it to be, as the problems that troubled your heart once upon a time will resurface.

Old problems will be brought up under the most ridiculous of pretenses, because you’ve woken up in a feisty mood, wanting to make your partner uncomfortable, rather than enjoying a day of peace and quiet.

You’ll have to talk long and hard to understand each other’s point of view, you either reach common ground, put an end to your love story, or seek professional help from a couples’ therapist.

With such a forecast for those who are in a relationship, if you’re single you won’t have any luck; you’d like to have a day of good luck and surprises, but there won’t be much of either.

However, you should go out as much as you can. If the end of the world comes, it shouldn’t find you sulking at home.

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Under Pluto’s influence, and that of other planets, there’s a complex day ahead of you, where you’ll have a strong desire to earn a lot of money, but to do it in the fastest and most absurd ways.

Your unbridled consumerism will be hard to sustain, so call up your bank and put a limit on your credit card, just in case.

The urge to burn through your savings could also be lethal if you gamble; before you jeopardize your money, go to your bank and deposit it.


You’ll be rather naive today, and you’ll take seriously any information you read in the newspaper on in a magazine as if it were an absolute fact.

Of course, you’ll only act on what suits you, such as the research that states that bear are good to reduce the signs of aging.

Be careful with alcohol, it’ll wreak havoc on your system! And tomorrow you’ll have a monster hangover: you’ve been warned.

What’s more, the stars encourage you to drink loads, but not alcohol, water. Avoid fizzy drinks and juices full of sugar, nothing can quench your thirst like water can!