Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 18

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You’ll be direct, kind and polite today, but also a bit playful in love; a lovely sensual affair might spice up your night, or brighten your day (depends on what your schedule is like!)

If you’re single, someone will appear in your life in the near future; someone with whom you’ll have a lot to share if you keep an open mind.

This trait could, more specifically, bring you lovely gifts such as an unexpected text message, or a little note with lovely wishes from a secret admirer.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll have a renewed desire for your other half, which will be expressed through physical shows of affection. Your other half will be seduced by your sensuality.

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Dialogue will be available where needed to allow you to modify your budget as a result of your new projects. Destiny on its wider spectrum will open doors that will facilitate your path towards financial independence. All is well, but it could be even better if the current continues!

A small obstacle in your way, which might be huge for some, could disrupt your organization. Be as tidy as possible, don’t let anyone touch your things, and you’ll minimize any potential problem.

Take good care of your jewelry to prevent having it snatched by wrongdoers; there’s more of them than you know.


You’ll feel better with the universe and more connected with it through smells; you’ll want to find your place in this world through scents, which will get you to a privileged place through natural raw ingredients.

As a Taurus, violets and Jazmin will be the ones that suit your personality best.

Gluttony will be prevalent, it will be your greatest sin; you’re too good at living to deny yourself certain culinary pleasures. However, you must follow a diet that keeps you physically fit within the stressful life you lead.

And, as you know, going for ice cream or some chocolate last thing at night is not a good idea, regardless of how nice it is.