Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your head is full of future plans. You’re thinking that in the future your love life will be a lot clearer, you visualize what limitations you have and you encourage yourself, Taurus, to keep going and achieve the fulfillment of your heart.

However, you forget to live in the present day, the here and now. You think there’s too much movement around you, and for this reason, you’ll want to be isolated and thinking of what you’ll need in the future.

Look after what you have right now, otherwise, you might ruin all future prospects.

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You’re the target of wrongdoers. The Magic Horoscope has these bad news for you, but at least now you’ll be able to be more careful with your bad or the gold chain you wear around your neck. Also, don’t be reckless and leave your mobile on the bus, it would be very upsetting!

Taurus will rise like foam when it comes to business. No one will be able to turn down your proposals, and this will bring improvements for you.

You’ll have to fight a lot to achieve optimal conditions, but Mercury, the god of commerce, is in a good position in your sky and will protect your interests.


Avoid building your diet around fake myths, Taurus. You’ve often heard that you should eliminate fruits such as bananas or meats such as pork from your diet, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Talk to a nutritionist to shed some light on any doubts you may have.

The daily prediction shows a fairly decent tone to face this day of September. However, you’ll encounter some surprises which might test your strength or resilience. You might have to help out with a house move or do a sprint to catch your train or bus.