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You need to spend more time looking after your partner, trying your hardest to make them happy, ensuring your cohabitation is peaceful and pleasant. Generally speaking, you have to take an active role to ensure the happiness of your relationship.

You might boast with your friends about how much you love your other half, or even fill social media with pictures of the two of you, but does your other half see this? Or is this just a facade put on for the audience?

If you’re single, there’s conflict in your horizon, there will be communication problems with a person you’ve been seeing (or with whom you could envision a relationship sooner rather than later).

You’ll want to fix things as soon as possible, but you’re at a bit of a loss. Try to look at the situation from an impartial perspective, to see if the unspoken promises that could be read between the lines are being fulfilled.

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With Neptune in your sky, this Monday you’ll be greatly motivated to achieve success. At the same time, this planet will motivate you to not take any unnecessary risks.

Let the Magic Horoscope guide you to achieve great success, or to reap the fruits of the hard work you’ve done over the last couple of months.

Your finances won’t receive any heavy blows. You won’t be greatly attached to material at second hand stores. But don’t expect to make much on your belongings, alright? They’re not particularly valuable.


The way you eat isn’t great. You eat really fast, barely chewing, and then struggle with digestive problems and trapped wind.

Make a ritual out of every meal. Take the time to savour the dishes (if they’re healthy, avoiding deep fried and heavily processed foods, all the better) and don’t eat with your eyes. Learn to only serve the portions you need.

If you’re waiting on news of a pregnancy, you’ll receive good news. You’ll finally be able to expand your family, just what you were hoping for (or start a family, if you don’t have children yet).