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Every day we all have minor dark and negative thoughts that can affect the way we perceive love.

The secret to avoid dying our universe pitch black is to fight those dark thoughts with positive ones.

For instance, when we go to work, we could think: "I won't see my partner until night comes, that's real bad".

However, you can turn it around and think, "Fortunately, in just an hour we'll be back together and see another episode of our favourite show".

And if you're single, you could also force yourselves to have a good mood in order to break some lonely hearts, always focusing in the most positive areas of your life.

And of course, no matter if you're single or taken, don't forget to smile!


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There might be times when you feel trapped by your work routine, thinking whether it is actually worthy to fight everything that's happening to you just to earn some money which doesn't even get you to the end of the month sometimes.

Your nerves can play tricks on you, Taureans, but there's a secret to get control back.

Set a personal goal to reach this Tuesday, such as finishing a report, calling up a friend to go shopping, or whatever you can think of.

Make it an easy-to-reach goal that will help you fight laziness.


In order to make your day start on a super energetic note, try to wake up 5 minutes earlier.

It's not that easy, even less so when you're one of the earliest birds in the house, but that's why you should try it!

When we get earlier instead of minutes later, we've got extra time to enjoy the small things in our everyday lives we skip when we go around like crazy, flying up and down the stairs and running around in between rooms.

For instance, the beauty of a calm, quiet house; the beautiful views of the garden bathed under the first beams of sun; the smell of coffee in the kitchen, and many more situations like that.

There's just nothing like not having to fly around all the time to start this Tuesday the right way!