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Your love life will be pretty active today. You'll slip on a bohemian, nostalgic skin that'll make you remember better times... And past romances which should be more than gone and away.

Thus, a ghost from yesterday will make you think, even if for a few minutes, that what you used to enjoy was more intense and pure than what you've got now.

But time goes by, and you're not the same as ten years ago, because life has filled you with experiences you use to make your choices.

Of course, the younger (and more reckless we are), the happier we think we believe we are. It's only as we turn old and see life for the hard experience that it is when we start assessing things from another point of view, such as stability, for instance.

Singles shouldn't be too stiff today; if you lower down on the discipline factor, fantasy could come right through the door.


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Today you'll reveal yourselves as emerging entrepreneurs able to do a lot with little on their hands, because your creativity allows for it.

Therefore, it might be ideal for you to meet with people who could invest in your proposals, because you'll know how to sell them the right way.

But if there's no appointments on your schedule with anyone with power and money... Go get them. Go to the spots where the big fish gather, and go get the mountain if it isn't coming over to you.

Jupiter will help you empower your image, and Mercury will help your communication flow and encourage trust in you. Success will come straight along!


Many times you've thought about putting your mental health on the hands of experts, and this thought's looming around your mind again today.

If you finally take the plunge, only trust people who have graduated in Medicine. Don't go for alternative therapies or spiritual mentors.

You could fall prey to people who only want to empty your wallet, instead of healing up your mind.

Stay alert, because we live in a time of snake charmers who end up hurting you, when you were actually trying to soothe your pain!