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Your love life will be tinted brown this Tuesday; it won’t be black or gray, but it will be sad and brown.

You’ll be seized by nostalgia, a photograph, walking by a coffee shop, everything will remind you of those who are no longer there.

At times you might think your life was better before, that everything is eventually lost, or that you’re like king Midas for sadness, that everything you touch gets ruined.

Hang in there! This intoxicating and harmful feeling is caused by the position of the stars in your sky; you’re not in a deep hole from which you’d struggle to get out.

Try to find comfort in your family, in your partner if you have you, in those who love you. You’ll see that the sun will shine bright for you tomorrow.

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You can’t tolerate injustice when it comes to money; you don’t have the time or the patience for it, and you’ll complain to whomever you have to.

It doesn’t matter if they’re more powerful than you, if they’re a wealthy client, you won’t be afraid of them and you’ll demand to be given what you’re owed.

This could be work out in your favuor, so long as you stay calm and clear headed above all; don’t even think about taking matters into your own hands.

Be particularly careful when it comes to banknotes, because the numbers might not add up, whether you’re out shopping or you work in a store.


It’s a good day to treat yourself (when isn’t it, though?). Give yourself something that will help with your general wellbeing.

Look for a good coupon with a big discount and spend some time in the thermal baths and rest your mind while the water washes away the toxins in your skin and the problems that have been clouding your head.

The flow of nature’s purest element will bump up your vitality and energy, and you’ll feel better than you did in the morning. Jupiter will help you make it happen!