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This Saturday your wildest side will come out to play; you're ready to rumble, and that's because Mars has a strong influence over your skies.

Like the god that names this star, there's no way you're letting yourselves get defeated by anything or anyone.

Thus, you'll do whatever it takes and everything you can, perhaps even more, to reach every goal you set for yourselves in love.

Are you single, yet you started getting intimate with someone that makes your day?

Before things go any further you should sit down and have a chat, put a name on your relationship, and set the rules for your encounters.

And if the other person gets scared and runs away, be the ones to build a bridge for their escape, because that means they weren't the special person you needed in your life.


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In order to make more money, you should analyse how to make the most of your job and see what additional benefits you could earn from it that you're missing out on.

For instance, if you have the initiative to help out even if your day of work is done, or if you help out your acquaintances in exchange for a little sum of money.

This game will allow you to hit the right button and start see the extra money coming, even if you just get a simple treat from time to time.

As you know, there's been a bit of a ruckus at work, something that has made you lose your patience and concentration, but in the end, everything will flow as smooth as it used to.

A proverb says that there's good fishing in troubled waters, but for the time being, there's only going to be losers and no one will be able to take advantage from the unstability that has come to stay for a few days.


You'll have quite a strong appetite today, and you'll definitely feel like snacking.

Therefore, try to have an apple or some carrots you can munch on at any given point.

Finally, the stars encourage you to be more careful with the volume at which you listen to music or watch TV.

Especially if you use headphones on a daily basis, for instance, when you go to work.