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With 2019 already settled in, we have to move on from the partying and focus on what's really important.

Love. It's what makes the world go round, what makes everything around us better and more beautiful, what improves any situation.

In this sense you'll have an extremely good star climate around your married life, and stars will gently care for your heart.

You'll know how to spell love in every area and intensity, with balance and harmony as your guides, to the extent of wanting to stop time and letting love be in the air forever.

It's the perfect day to meet some new people, especially foreigners, if you're single Taureans. Even though they won't be staying around for long, there's definitely going to be some fun.

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This Wednesday will be the perfect day to do some research, as well as to devote time to personal studies that require a clear analytical mind.

Your work will be especially brilliant if it is connected in any way to cutting-edge fields of expertise, such as computing, electronics or medicine.

It's a sign of the good start of 2019. All employees will be highly satisfied by their careers and professional activity.

Pay attention to your financial issues, because you're more than willing to splash the cash, with all the temptations looming around here and there.

You might even get called out by someone who has authority over you (or to whom you need to inform of your work in progress) for burning out too much money.


Messaging apps and several websites are the home of constant misinformation and health scams.

You're currently at a pretty gullible stage, and you could believe in any cause that you get told about with some rigour and awareness behind it, without ever thinking about whether it might be true or not.

Did you know that there's hidden financial goals behind most of that fake information, and that many treatments might even be harmful for your health?

Finally, manage the way you self-medicate more wisely, especially if you're taking anxiety medication without a doctor's supervision.