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You’ll enjoy making cynical comments to your partner and friends, but you’ll be careful not to offend anyone. You wouldn’t want a joke to turn into an earthquake!

You’re in tune with your surroundings, there are no obstacles in your love life, because you’ll be more balanced spiritually, and this will, undoubtedly, make you stronger.

There’ll be a good atmosphere today to show your commitment to your partner but think carefully: if you take a step forward there’ll be no turning back. Weigh everything you say and do carefully, don’t just say things in the spur of the moment or your words will come back to haunt you.

If you’re single, you will be trying to find balance, and this search will occupy your mind, and influence your behavior. Just one question, can you tell the difference between what you want and what’s best for you?

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It will be a day of great emotional sensitivity which will make you take other people’s influence very seriously. But you’re the only one responsible for separating the useful things from the irrelevant ones.

The people you know professionally will energize you rather than drain you. Your self-esteem should protect you emotionally.

Just one piece of bad news before we finish, Taurus. You won’t be particularly minted right now, but you could use your time towards charitable and non-profit related activities, for example.


You could make the mistake of confusing rest with work, not being able to tell when to stop working and catch a break.

You should escape your routine, and have some quality rest, which is more important than quantity, don’t forget this. You wouldn’t want to end up having a mental breakdown, would you, Taurus?

You could meet people who share your interests and who will improve your wellbeing, it could be a new yoga group, or joining the ranks of a water polo team if you’re more of an aquatic person.