Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll keep asking yourselves plenty of questions and bring your most philosophical side out into the light, the one that questions everything that's set before it, and which needs some explaining.

In some way, your entire life has been a constant search, right? You don't even know how you carried it out, but there's still something unsolved deep inside your heart.

As the day goes by, that need will change, although you'll try to find emotional balance and spiritual calmness.

If you have one, your partner will help you find harmony, and will even allow you to enlighten them, because they'll want to follow in your footsteps.

Non-committal hearts will set individuality before the pleasure of the flesh as a main need, and the organisation of your family life will be your main concern, especially so if you've got kids.


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An absolutely complicated day at work is coming, and you'll have to bring out might to keep moving forward from out of nothing.

There's a few planets in the Magic Horoscope looming over your skies, with no intention to help out and make this Saturday easier for you.

Thus, you'll analyse your situation to see how you could find another type of financial and professional stability.

Might you be stuck in a job that doesn't satisfy you at all? Perhaps it's time you go out and find your real vocation.

Or, if you're already well acquainted with it, perhaps you should fight to make it your main bill-paying job, so that your riches are connected to your personal growth and satisfaction.


It's clear that Saturday's a bit of a harsh day, and you'll feel like screaming at the top of your lungs at some point.

Hey, if you feel better doing that, go ahead! Go to a mountaintop and when you're in touch with Mother Nature, scream out loud and fend off your darkest vibes!

In the same way, try to use whatever circumstances are around you to have fun, and don't turn down any plans.

Pehraps you could go to the movies and see a recent blockbuster, a movie in your favourite genre to wash down with a nice soda and a big box of freshly made popcorn.