Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


Under Mercury’s influence, romantic dynamism and your unique and original ideas will achieve wonders in the area of love.

You’ll have the ability to be a good mediator and you’ll fix certain things in your relationship that weren’t going that great, as you well know (even if it’s a subject you prefer to avoid or to pretend doesn’t exist).

If you’re single, the advice is for you to be careful to avoid getting hurt by one of the people you’ve just met; the Magic Horoscope indicates they’re shady and untrustworthy, but you’re free to do as you please.

There’ll be surprising good news in your family. Be prepared for anything, it will surpass all expectations.

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You’ll be especially lucky if you’re going on a business trip, any deals closed today will be very profitable.

You’ll be good a negotiating, and you’ll come back with new business connections and having elegantly projected a powerful image.

Linked to the area of love, however, some jealousy or insecurities might arise from your partner, so try to get them a present on your way home.

If you’ve been going through a period of family disputes and problems at home (perhaps linked to an inheritance) you’ll find some respite, and you’ll be able to reach an agreement that suits all parties involved.


The Magic Horoscope’s beneficial aspect will protect the area of health in your life, and you’ll focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere in which your mind kind relax.

And you’ll do it very well, you’ll understand the universe, you’ll be tolerant and understanding, and you’ll avoid unnecessary drama.

Tidying up your house wouldn’t go amiss though, try to do a deep clean, especially in the bathroom.

There’s a high concentration of germs there, and more potential for mould to appear, as you well know. Leave everything spotless!

And, while you’re at it, change your toothbrush, something which the experts recommend you do once every two or three months.