Taurus Magic Horoscope
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You have great seductive potential, thanks to the magnetism granted to your gaze by the goddess Venus, which is as irresistible as it is sincere.

The stars show your feelings will be strong, passionate and well-structured. Don’t get carried away by the deceit of serpents who are more interested in your body than your heart.

You’re ready to declare your passion for your beloved and take on the responsibility of a relationship, something you used to be scared of, Taurus.

You could also make a promise to your partner, which you’ll stick to, or perhaps you’ll just lie down side by side to gaze upon the stars and dream of a bright future together.

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Here the Magic Horoscope predicts an explosive atmosphere due to your extreme subjectivity. When it comes to certain financial matters, you only know how to look at them from your own perspective, without understanding the person in front of you. You cater only to your interests and you have little regard for the needs of others.

Other people’s impressions are of no consequence to you, and this can unleash a war if you don’t keep a handle on things.

Don’t risk your money by giving it to shady investors: the more you risk, the more you stand to lose. Seek stability instead of prosperity, at least for now.

Lastly, remember to be up to date with your tax payments, don’t leave a single one pending.


Your memory can get you into trouble. You might forget your keys at home, or you might have to post something but can’t remember where you’ve put it. To train your memory you could do some exercises, such as looking for pairs of cards.

Your mood depends on that of those around you. If everyone is annoyed by delays, breakdowns or mistakes, you might feel irritated by association. Try to control this and nothing will perturb your daily life.