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Life will put you in a difficult situation, but that won’t take away your desire to keep going, to smile and to make everyone around you as happy as you can.

You’ll be more open than usual, you’ll express what you think very clearly and you won’t sugarcoat things: absolute truth is the only way to reach a state of grace in your relationship. If you’re single, someone will express admiration for you and will try to have a date with you at all costs.

The moment will be intense, spontaneous, warm, even passionate. You exude charm and seduction, you’d even fall in love with yourself if you could see yourself the way others do!

If you have children, be careful as you have a tendency to treat them unfairly due to your lack of patience. Don’t lose your objectivity and don’t be too severe with your punishments, especially if they’ve done nothing wrong!

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Try to be loyal to those who have helped you improve your financial situation in the past (it doesn’t matter if you’re no longer friends, or there’s a big rift between you).

You can’t see this, but your quality of life is the same it’s always been, even if you feel you’ve improved it, that it’s become higher.

Don’t splash money out on luxuries or buy the same car as your neighbour just out of jealousy: this will only cause more problems.


It’s a fairly decent day, if you’ve had minor health problems, you’ll feel better, and you’ll want to do more activities to develop your body and your mind.

Strategy games are a great choice. How about getting your chessboard out and challenging your partner or your children to a match?

If you’ve started your holidays now, with the arrival of the ninth month of 2019, be careful when swimming in the sea. Not just because there’s always a risk of drowning, but also because there’s lots of jellyfish around which could sting you and leave you with a nasty burn, Taurus!