Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 20

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Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



No ring on your finger yet? Then it probably means your love life is rather unstable, at least today. Don’t do anything that could worsen the situation. We’re talking about your temper, which could scare away any potential suitors.

Your thoughts will be borderline desperate at times, thinking that everybody seems to be in a relationship but you. Calm down, Taurus!

If you’re in a relationship, the Magic Horoscope foretells a certain taciturn, introspective aura around you and your partner; you won’t be the liveliest people in the world, but you won’t be the saddest either.

Your other half might ask for some space, and if you give it to them nothing will happen; trust them, and let go of your jealousy.

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You feel a bit like an alien when it comes to financial matters, no one seems to be able to walk a mile in your shoes to understand your problems.

What bills and encumbrances you have, how you must count every single penny that comes in, and how your time is worth more than gold.

Don’t lose your temper or your cool, do your thing, you know what’s best for you, other people’s opinion is irrelevant. No one should influence your life.

If you must, report back to your family, to those whose lifestyle depends on your job and on the money you earn every month.


Don’t walk around in the dark if you want to avoid small accidents at home. Turn the lights on, regardless of how well you know every inch of your house.

The Magic Horoscope stars advise you to be especially careful in the kitchen, and even more so if you’re a pitmaster.

You know many accidents occur around barbecues, since there’s fire, knives and other things that could be classed as dangerous.

Having said this, there’s nothing else to report with regards to your health, which will stay the same as it has been the past few days, and you might even feel a bit better if you suffer from any condition which affects your extremities.