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As a single Taurus, you want to enjoy all of the privileges available to you. You want to reign over all hearts, being worshiped, with a bit of self-centeredness which could get a bit out of hand at times.

Mind your manners, use kind words and complacent gazes; these gestures will be more beneficial than shameless passionate declarations.

If you’re in a relationship, you might decide to move in with your other half, but first analyze both of your personalities, and where you might potentially clash. Perhaps you should set ground rules around who does what, what your duties are, and what your role will be to ensure things work.

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Try to do favours for others, whatever you’re asked for and more. Lend your drill to the neighbour, buy your colleague a cup of coffee, or even swap shifts if need be!

Generally speaking, it’s a good day to be in the good books, Taurus, saw small seeds of goodness here, there and everywhere, as there will come a time in the future where you’ll have to ask for help. What goes around comes around!

Your finances will improve a little with a higher income than usual, it could be a subsidy you requested a while back and which has finally been granted.

Therefore, it’s a good time to take steady steps forward, to draft a new contract, or terminate a collaboration you’re not interested in.


You’ve turned your face towards the future, you’re very centered and you won’t be impulsive at all. You’ll be ruled by a good pattern and you’ll stay this way all day, but by the evening you’ll feel your batteries are running low.

Even though it’s already Tuesday, some might still be paying the price of the excess of the weekend, and there’ll be no magic spell to make things right. Choose better next time!

Focus your time on activities that make you feel good, develop your hobbies, organize outdoor activities with your friends or go for a walk with your pet.

Basically, air your thoughts to rid your mind of all the things that bother you on a daily basis.