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You can breathe and stay calm, because this Wednesday should be a very quiet day, but not necessarily boring.

There's no specific planet roaming around Taurean skies that directly affects the section on love.

However, you will have to consider Neptune as the main planet that has a delicate position in your life.

But let's not start thinking the worst, okay? For most of you, your other half will be energised and vital when appreciating every nice gesture you do for them.

The stars will make you more open, tolerant and receptive to meet-ups if you're single, although you might go and mistake love for other feelings.


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If you keep doing things the way you've done up to now, your head could be ready to serve on a plate at work, and it won't be because you're not good enough.

It's because envy has eaten you up alive inside as of lately, Taureans, and that's why you've been sending out hateful messages to some of your workmates, with accusations that have no basis, sense nor theory to back them up.

If you continue that way, you'll become a pesky plague and you'll end up out of the office to avoid foulness from being the norm.

If you're trying to find a new house, make sure you look into the press because you might find a home that fits your needs.

It'll be a whole different story whether you can get a mortgage from the bank or not.


You've got light sleep most days, and you think that it's okay if you sleep less than 6 hours every now and then, that nothing's going to happen.

It's all fine and dandy as long as it's just once. If you choose to go on with it, your heart will resent it, and not just emotionally, but also physically.

Also, the Magic Horoscope is warning you to be careful with parasites.

If there's small children around the house, take a good look through their heads just in case they got lice from the park or their friends at school, which is awfully common.

In the same way, if you have pets, make sure they don't have fleas or any other pesky blood-sucking bug clinging to their fur.