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Do you know at what point in your love cycle should you hit the emergency break and get off? Because you could soon go off the rails.

Many native Taureans will get into arguments with their partners this Sunday as a consequence of having more close contact over the weekend.

Thus, if you've got a frown on today, don't go crazy and avoid getting into projects that would keep you stuck together (buying a home, starting up a business, raising a family).

Perhaps the most sensible, peaceful choice is to start over and part ways, thus bringing in new romantic partners that allow you to get back the excitement that jumped off the window.


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It won't exactly be jealousy, but today there'll be a negative aura about you towards someone whom we could call your career rival.

Someone who works in the same field of expertise as you, and therefore, your direct competition, is being very well perceived around the office, and this won't feel good at all.

Make some internal personal criticism, Taureans, because your evolution might be at a standstill, and others are walking over you, thus piling up money that could have been in your hands.

It's small things, almost invisible, that still remain as decisive for the general public, customers, and human resource managers, to choose one person or another.


Stress or sadness might even take their toll on you this Sunday, when you're precisely supposed to be more relaxed.

You should work on your cognitive power to locate the thoughts that keep you under a negative light, and find the key to get rid of them once and for all.

It's all a matter of looking into ourselves more closely.

If you can, wear green fancy clothes today (something hard to do if you're forced to wear a uniform at work, right?).

According to colour therapy, green's the colour that rules over your heartbeat, respiratory system, and some even dare to say it is a powerful natural antibiotic.