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After the storm, the rainbow will shine upon Taurus; the stars have decided to treat you, and make up for the pain they have caused you lately in the matters of the heart.

For those of you who are single, you’ll have a good image of yourself, you’ll feel confident in your assets and make peace with your defects, those we all have.

Your self-esteem will improve noticeably, especially for those who have just gone through a terrible disillusionment, a traumatic break-up and who think their heart is broken beyond repair and it will never beat again. It will beat, very hard!

On the other hand, the couples will find time to love each other, and you’ll be thankful for the small gestures that fill your life with romance and fun.

A simple note on your pillow reminding your other half of how much you love them, or putting on their favourite song when they get home from a terrible day at work.

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You’ll be particularly skillful with money; you won’t be distracted like before.

And you’ll spend it judiciously, remembering what you’ve spent each penny on. It won’t be one of those days in which you go out with a big banknote and come back with empty handed and with no money, wondering where it all went.

At work you’ll be able to make sensitive decisions, especially if you’re in charge of a large workforce.

You still won’t make the best possible choice, but you won’t make the wrong one either.


You’ll enjoy the benefits of Mars, since the planet God of War brings harmony to your body, rebalancing anything that might have been out of balance.

You’ll feel in good shape, and you’ll even feel euphoric, for which it would be best if you avoided caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee.

You’ll exude energy and you’ll instill it in those around you. You’ll lift the morale of that friend who’s feeling down, or of that colleague who phones you up to tell you about their heartbreak.

You’ll be a magnet for good vibes and happiness, and you’ll repel people who are evil or toxic, those energy vampires who feed on other people’s spirits.