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The new week will start with a dark feeling brewing in your heart; your fear of loneliness can get out of hand, to the point of becoming your worst nightmare.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you keep calm, thanks to the planet Venus you’ll be surrounded only by trustworthy, honest people, and you can trust them to bare your soul with them and let out any pain you’re bottling up inside.

Get close to them without fear, especially if they’re Cancer, there’ll be special chemistry between you. If you’re single, who knows, perhaps friendship could become something more special and romantic.

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Luck’s not on your side this Monday; it seems that everything is going wrong, as if you were a bad luck magnet.

However, truth is, you’re just looking at everything from a pessimistic point of view, your problems are the same they’ve always been, no more and no less. So try not to be a drama queen, demanding help left, right and centre.

You’ll have to prove you deserve any benefits you demand, such as a promotion, with its consequent salary raise, or some time off.

You’ll be skilled at saving money, looking for bargains for the things you need, whether it’s by going to different stores or shopping online. Bravo!


You’ll be able to recharge your batteries if you feel they’re a bit drained, but you’ll have to make a bit of an effort, keeping your mind clear and willing to receive the good vibes the cosmos is sending your way.

Let the bad things go, and may they never find their way back into your life, and fight off sadness, if it comes calling; you’ll be very sensitive today, and if you receive bad news, you might lock yourself up inside.

The Magic Horoscope has already told you that loneliness isn’t your friend, so don’t close the door to those who want to spend time with you; they might even improve your mood.