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A close friend will seek your advice regarding the misadventures they’ve just been through. And you’ll give it to them.

However, you’ll realise you’re making the same mistakes that got him into so much trouble on a daily basis, and this will make you reflect deeply.

In fact, you’ll tell him to act in a very different manner from the way you normally act.

And you’ll see that when it comes to love, rules are meant to be broken, that there isn’t a single absolute truth, and that there’s as many ways to love as people on earth.

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Marketing will have a strong power of persuasion over you today, and you’ll want to do things just because you’ve seen them on the news or on tv.

So prepare to spend your Sunday going over your accounts, probably because your mind will be on your next holidays.

If you get carried away, you’ll end up overspending, and that could get you into trouble.

Listen to reason, restrain yourself, because there is no magic money tree.

Otherwise, listen to your partner, or your parents, or anyone advising restraint.


You might get really anxious thinking about the things you’ll have to do tomorrow.

So much so that your body will send you signals to slow down, you might get a rash on your skin, or itchy hands and feet.

Sports will help you release some tension, look for someone to go for a run in the woods, or play tennis with. Tennis is really good for your reflexes.

You’ll be constantly hungry, and you’ll favour savoury food; some smoked salmon or serrano ham is alright, but if you eat too much of it, it’ll make you retain water.