Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Planetary influences will help you to shorten not emotional, but physical distances, between the person you love and your own heart.

Thus, it'll be a good day to visit your partner if you live in different cities, and if you do it as a surprise, it'll be even better.

For the rest of you, this Thursday will be pretty calm but also fun, as long as you let your hair down a little.

The environment around the house will be pretty relaxed, and you'll have a good chance to promote more family meet-ups.

And if you need so, make up an excuse to invite your family over to your house, especially those you haven't seen for a longer time, possibly since Christmas (maybe even earlier).


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At a first glance, you'll have quite a decent financial balance this Thursday. At least that'll be the case for most Taureans.

This is because today's planetary influences will help you slightly improve your income, whether it is because of an extra bonus, or because there's more customers than usual at your shop and you earn more profits than you predicted during the day.

Besides, you'll learn to get rid of certain unnecessary expenses (hopefully forever, although it wouldn't be that bad anyway to get rid of them for the season).

Are you awaiting news related to legal affairs, such as the final verdict of a trial?

Today you'll be informed about it, and perhaps the news are better than you initially thought, although that chapter isn't fully closed as of yet.


When was the last time you gave your bathroom a deep cleanse?

With Pluto's current aspect and the way it influences your health, you might do well being a little more alert than usual on these terms.

You're not risking anything too serious, so don't worry too much, but if you're too neglecting about your hygiene, you'll end up suffering harmful consequences for your health.

You're well aware that the bathroom is prone to bacteria crawling around, so don't hesitate to pull out the bleach and cleaning cloth, and make everything shine like a diamond. No excuses allowed!