Taurus Daily Horoscope for January 21

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Demands will be high and strong in love for single Taureans, because the most rebellious of spirits has taken a toll on you.

It's not that you want to feel different, but you can tell you are; perhaps even more intellectual than most, and your heart won't soothe down with a flower bouquet and some pretty words.

You need to voice and express your opinions clearly, and you might appreciate how the meaning of your life has evolved greatly as of lately, with new models that didn't use to be there before.

For couples, here's your advice: don't give too much importance to the possible disagreement that comes up today, because before you even try to pay attention to it, things will be back to normal.


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Sometimes you're wrong when you underestimate your work, thinking that there's things that are easy to do, and perhaps they're not that easy, Taureans.

Learn to appreciate and love your own work better. Don't be too modest, because you always end up moping and crying all around when the money runs short.

However, don't let it get too much to your head and believe you're better than anyone. Just compare your potential to that of others and ask for some equality to happen.

If you need to be paid this Monday, there could be a delay, so you might want to avoid going too crazy when shopping or doing stock investments.

Moderation should be the key to keeping your finances safe.


In principle, your health shouldn't give you any trouble this Monday, except if you went out for all sorts of excess during the weekend and you're still dragging around some of the weight.

Vitamin supplements and a vegetable-rich diet will help you find your gravity center once again, but don't expect to see miracles if you went too far with alcohol.

If you want to get away from the world to drown in your own thoughts, try drawing, and if you're not too good at tracing images yourselves, it's easy for you nowadays to find mandalas to colour, which will be just as effective.

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