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If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be very attentive this Sunday: you’ll show concern for your partner’s wellbeing and you’ll send creative and spontaneous love messages.

But at times your intentions will be misinterpreted by your other half: some interference could muddle up the communication, but in the end, your sensitivity will shine through.

If you’re single, you need to relax. You’ve been too focused on making your home a safe haven, returning there every time something doesn’t go well, and swearing you’ll never venture out of your comfort zone.

Cultivating your secret garden is good, but you need to go out in the world in spite of having suffered from heartbreak. Can’t you think of anything better to do today than hiding away at home, pretending to be invisible?

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It will be an average day in terms of money, and any problems you have won’t snowball, but you won’t win the lottery either, no matter how much you check the numbers on your ticket.

Your optimism at work also won’t be that high: you’ll be rather apathetic towards things that would normally fill you with excitement.

You shouldn’t worry too much, we all have days like this. Plus, it’s good to show your vulnerable side and to show people that your strength and effort aren’t always outstanding, that at the end of the day, you’re only human.


You’ll deem yourself a medical expert, and you’ll take any pills of syrups you consider appropriate for any discomfort you feel. Big mistake, Taurus, you shouldn’t play with those things!

Plus, you must avoid the temptation of buying pills without prescription online to lose weight or to gain muscle mass overnight. The only thing you’re going to lose is your health, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

To bring some cheer into your home you could buy some house plants to bring you closer to nature.