Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 21

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Jupiter will have a great influence over your feelings, especially in terms of your relationship.

Initially, it will favour spousal relations, which will be a lifeline for those who live together, as there’ll be a joyous complicity in love.

Obstacles in your way? Depends on whether your create them or not. Especially, if you’re leading parallel lives that no one knows of, and which you might uncover yourself if you’re not careful.

Also, for some Taurus, Jupiter could push you to demand unlimited freedom and to turn down any effort or commitment which requires you to behave responsibly.

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The first thing you need to know is that you’ll be a magnet for people who will try to take advantage of you: any smiles you get today might hide a secret agenda.

Don’t trust anyone, don’t get carried away by first impressions, and be inquisitive, make many questions, and after you do, keep asking even more.

On the other hand, don’t ask others what you already know they can’t give; don’t become an idealistic Taurus who believed that wanting to do something is the same as being able to do so.

Keep your feet on the ground, and while you’re at it, your hands on a calculator so you can add things up and see if there’s anything missing. Try to put everything in order for the weekend, and for the rest of the month.


You’ll have some aches characteristic of your age and physical condition, but just the normal stuff; nothing new in that sense.

However, you’ll be a bit shaken psychologically and you’ll want to be heard, for this reason you’ll complain about everything, and then you’ll complain some more.

Your woes will seem the greatest in the world, and your tiredness will be unrivaled, and everything will seem to go sideways.

If you find that you can’t even stand yourself, Taurus, try some meditation, to find yourself and make peace with the universe if you feel it has treated you unfairly in any way.