Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll make the most of this Saturday to show a new point of view in love. You’ll open your mind and you’ll detect new possibilities for giving and receiving the love that you’d never even considered until now.

Amongst your brilliant ideas, there’ll be unusual encounters or trips to nearby places where there’ll be many surprises.

You feel new hope and you’re less closed up. Your confidence grows as you let go of insecurities and say goodbye to the ghosts of the past.

The Magic Horoscope stars stimulate your vitality so you can bring down your walls and the things that are holding you back in your path to happiness.

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Your freshness throws people off in terms of business. They can’t tell if you’re coming or going, or what you’re doing with your money. You say things just the way they pop into your head, without realising that it could be open to more than one interpretation.

Try to be clear with your words to avoid misunderstandings or rifts between you. Your amenability allows you to create new friendly connections if you decide to carry out positive initiatives. A good attitude is essential.

Around you there’ll be celebrations, but don’t get carried away by the current, or you’ll deplete your accounts completely. You need a different lifestyle, setting a new life rhythm.

You forget that you’re free to think differently from others. Break moulds and stereotypes, and develop your financial area.


You’re attracted to unusual proposals. Any unconventional treatment or spiritual practice which helps you develop your inner Taurus will be promoted by the stars.

Relaxing at home will be very tempting, allow yourself time to do it without feeling guilty. If you don’t like meditating, you can always go for more traditional methods, such as taking a bath with flower petals and scented candles around you.

The goddess Venus favours everything related to pregnancies and births. If you’re expecting, you can rest easy as all will be well, and we could even say it will be quite quick. Chin up!