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This Monday’s astral environment brings easy going and harmonious relations with your partner, you won’t feel like arguing, and you’ll want to have a nice day.

You’ll be in a great mood, even if you’re one of those who tend to wake with on the wrong side of the bed; you’ll want to make your spouse and everyone around you happy.

Even those mundane things which usually bother you will become secondary today, you’ll turn a blind eye in order to keep the peace.

Your power of seduction will be irresistible, especially if you’re single and on the prowl.

This aspect of Pluto promises good times in love, but don’t be too impulsive; it’s not the time to fly halfway across the world to meet someone you’ve met online. Keep your feet on the ground!

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Your finances will improve, and you’ll have better luck than usual, you’ll be particularly skilled in transactions and deals.

You’ll be able to identify the snakes that are trying to poison your finances, and also the honest people with whom trading is worthwhile.

Real estate deals will be particularly profitable today, especially if they’re linked with the liquidation of an inheritance.

All of this goodness is owed to the planet Mercury, which is shining beautifully on your money sky, Taurus.


Under the influence of the moon, which is currently on your health area, you’ll be stronger and more agile than ever.

Some of your best physical and emotional assets will come into play today, as through them you’ll help people who need a hand, perhaps close friends or relatives.

You might feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to face on a daily basis, and it makes your head feel like it’s about to explode.

There’s good news though: not only will you be able to solve your practical issues efficiently, but you’ll also create a really nice atmosphere at home.