Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



As the weekend starts to come nearer, your skies will be definitely ready to offer up some fascinating, reality-filled dreams.

Therefore, if you're married, you should know your relationship with your partner will be filled with bliss, at a great wavelength, and you'll know how to support each other strongly.

Non-verbal communication will be running high. With just one look or touch you'll be able to say more than if you spoke for hours.

The string that ties you together will be so strong and thick, you'll almost be telepathically connected.

Are you single? Then, Jupiter would like to surprise you with an interesting date, which will probably become too real to believe at a certain point. You've been warned!


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The stars aren't predicting good luck for you money-wise, and yet, throughout the day there's great chances of you spending more than you'd have wanted to.

Therefore, get the idea that you'll have to refrain yourselves more in the next few days to avoid getting things off-balance.

At work, you'll have to tell about someone who did things the wrong way if you don't want your position to be in jeopardy (which is reasonable, on the other hand; it's the survival of the fittest).

It'll be quite nasty, because you'll consider yourselves knobsticks, traitors ready to sell your comrades for a few extra coins.

Let your sense of economy guide you, do the right thing; besides, think how the other person would act and how they would behave with you if things were the other way round.


There's a fight between Neptune and Saturn happening to rule over your health, and this will end up turning into a possible slight lack of shape.

Although you must consider this, you won't have to be too alarmed, because this is psychological exhaustion we're talking about, not being so physically exhausted you can't even leave bed.

Remember to keep your home properly ventilated and open up the windows so that the air inside gets renewed.

And while that's happening, it can take away foul vibrations from your home, if you can feel them lurking around, that is.