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There’ll be setbacks, but you’ll work hard to find a beautiful place for yourself; you’ll explore new aspects of your personality. You might rediscover feelings you thought were lost, or connect with nature, find your roots. You’ll love your family and, generally speaking, your faith in love and your ability to believe in love will both grow.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll find common ground that will allow you to connect wonderfully; you’ll be able to do things together, such as playing chess or going to the movies to watch a film starring your favourite actor.

So long as you’re together, you’ll be happy; your partner will be the shield that guards you against the bad things in this world.

If you’re single, changes will be favoured; perhaps the grass really is greener somewhere far away from your comfort zone. Dare to try new encounters.

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You could make some of your dreams come true with the money you’ve got right now, but don’t be reckless and deplete your savings completely, okay?

The stars will improve your finances, and you won’t have any serious money issues (so long as you stay on top of things).

It will be a good day for meetings, workshops and conferences; if you’re in a position of responsibility in one of these events, fortune will smile at you.

You’ll see how a professional situation that was stagnant will improve; there’ll be plenty of opportunities. You’ll know how to go towards success, your inner light will guide the way.


There’s lots of information around you about what’s best (and worst) for your health, but don’t believe all of it. The good things aren’t that good, and the bad things aren’t that bad. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

Digestive problems might be heightened today; be careful with foods you already know give you heartburn. Likewise, you might struggle with hemorrhoids.

Try to go to bed at a reasonable time, if you want to make the most of the beautiful day that awaits you tomorrow.