Taurus Daily Horoscope for May 22

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You’ll have in your hands the key to open the door to your past life, one you never thought you’d open ever again.

You’ve gone through all sorts of things in your love life, and you’ll notice that some past loves are almost a stigma, having been in a relationship with this or that person scares off current suitors.

What’s the stars’ advice? Don’t waste your energies trying to justify your past. Act the way you always do, be authentic, no matter what. You don’t need people reminding you of what you used to be!

If you’re in a relationship, the Magic Horoscope favours a spiritual connection, the power to say a lot without many words and without any effort. It’ll be a day in which caresses will be sweeter than ever.

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Is someone moving a lot of money around you? It could even be those friends who are constantly crying misery, but who boast of a fictitious wealth the first chance they get.

Ask a bit to see how they manage to be in such good financial shape, and you’d discover shady business, even pyramid scheme cons from which you’ll have to run away, even if they invite you to join. Alright?

At work, you’ll have to work twice as hard, because it’ll be difficult and full of people ready to push your buttons. Don’t give them that satisfaction!


Your tiredness isn’t doing you any favours. Especially, since it’s giving you dark circles under your eyes, which you can take care of with inexpensive home remedies.

You could place raw potato slices on your eyes, as this tuber has naturally whitening agents, which are great to even out your skin tone.

You could even try grated potato, which is easier to apply.

On the other hand, you could really use a good massage, delivered by an expert. But don’t trust amateurs, look for a certified professional.