Taurus Magic Horoscope 7
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


If you want to seduce this Sunday, the Magic Horoscope tells you that you have to stand out. Take better care of yourself, stand in front of your mirror and compliment yourself out loud.

Are you single after ending a long-standing relationship? You need to update your flirting methods, as they’re a bit outdated now.

Using cliche pick up lines won’t woo your target. Plus, a small spark of craziness will be welcome, Taurus.

If you’re in an unstable relationship, go slow but steady, as there are many unforeseen events that are pushing you towards a break-up. Or, at least, to review the romantic contract that unites you, to see what’s getting in your way.

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You’re too independent with your money, Taurus. You think you’re special, that your duties are the most sensitive ones, and that you have a right to spend your savings however you please without having to answer to anyone.

And this might be true, but within a certain spectrum. You depend on others more than you think, as you’re settled in a comfortable position, where all is smooth sailing.

What’s more, you’re rather self-centered, but you don’t like to hear it. You think your word is the only one that’s worth something, and if you’re told something you don’t want to hear you label it jealousy or envy. But you’re very wrong.


You associate Mondays with a day of the week where you can start new healthy habits. But couldn’t you start a diet, or quit smoking, on a Sunday like this one? Of course you could!

Look for the willpower within you, which is strong like a bull, to enable you to tackle your bad habits.

Remember that tobacco isn’t only bad for your lungs, it also increases the risk of stomach ulcers, irritates your esophagus and prevents a good absorption of nutrients.