Taurus Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com


Taurus will benefit from the affluence of Venus, which will be favourable for all matters of the heart, especially those which are blooming (or rekindling).

Your relationship will move in the right direction, without wandering off the path you’ve set for yourselves.

If you’re single, you might have a newfound interest for someone you’ve known for a while, and whom you’re going to see today.

In order to be able to start building something together with that person, you’ll have to stay true to yourself, and not judge anybody’s past, the same way you wouldn’t like people digging into yours.

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The innovative projects you propose won’t be everybody’s cup of tea this Tuesday, your sign will clash with others, especially air signs.

Sometimes it’s better to put a pin on things, and go back to them in a few days, when things have calmed down a little.

Pay no mind to gossip at work, and carry on doing your thing under Jupiter’s protection, this planet will play a key role in your financial development.

Once you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, try to ignore the criticism aimed at your weak spots.

Some of the harshest criticism will come from those you least expect it, but you’re strong and you’ll be able to get through this.

You might have some hiccups with the accountant, you’ll have to justify some expenses they don’t want to validate, be patient!


In the area of health, the Magic Horoscope advises caution, if you have many social events scheduled.

Alcohol will wreak havoc on your body, so if you overdo it, tomorrow you’ll have to deal with a legendary hangover, the kind that can’t be mitigated with paracetamol and orange juice.

Make the most of each minute today, so that you have more spare time to dedicate to your hobbies, or to meditating, burning some incense and connecting with your inner self.