Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Given Neptune’s good position in your sky, today you’ll be a truthful and sensitive Taurus, open to an erotic atmosphere and willing to experiment with your own body in ways you’ve never done before. You’ll be a volcano of desire, a veritable kiss from the burning sun!

With your partner (we won’t call it a lover, just in case your other half reads this prediction), you’ll feel profound and secret complicity which will be mental, intellectual and physical.

Basically, you’ll strengthen your bonds, and if you’re single, you’ll find yourself in a pickle, having several affairs at once without knowing where or whom to settle down with.

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Today’s astral aspects will be rather neutral in terms of your work. The stars have nothing to report, but this doesn’t mean your attitude should be laid back and slacking, believing everything will flow of its own accord.

It’s always a good idea to search for the key to professional progress within you. You might also have some luck in competitions and admissions tests if you’re thinking about training for new disciplines.

Today’s astral advice is: don’t spread gossip at work, and turn around when you see others doing it. Nothing good ever comes from it.


You’re stronger than you thought you’d be, and you’ll have confirmation that you’re bulletproof after overcoming a challenging circumstance. You might have to do a nice sprint to catch the bus today, or to make it on time to sign a contract, Taurus!

Look after your nails, both your fingernails and toenails. If they don’t look quite right, perhaps your health isn’t great, and your body is letting you know through the aspect of your nails.

Also, before you go around wearing sandals (and perhaps even matching nail polish) it would be good if you had a proper pedicure done, with a good session of exfoliation and hydration. Focus on the different steps to look after your feet.