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It's one thing that you choose to close up your mouth, maybe inspired by New Year's resolutions if you're still after them, but it's a whole different story to put your love life on a diet.

The stars predict there'll be some serious weight loss in your relationshipso you need to go out and get it some food for nourishment.

Good luck! This Saturday you'll have a chance to break your daily routine, and to be a little dreamy and imaginative.

Without you even needing to open your mouth, your partner will bring out a figurative broom to sweep away all traces of dread.

If you're single you should enjoy free time, but don't just use it all up on going hunting for wild hearts.

You also have to find a solution to your current emotional issues, mostly linked to love stories that didn't work out.


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There's new perspectives coming your way, and if you pay attention to signs around you, you'll be able to sort out some of your issues.

Thus, episodes related to your money or perhaps your job and business will close off forever, giving you a great sense of calmness.

You could even reunite with someone who used to be your business partner, but with whom you had some strong, sour language that ended up breaking your ties.

You shouldn't go back to working together, but perhaps you might want to sort out your differences, because none of you knows whether you'll need help in the future from the other person.


Up to seven planets will have an influence over your health, something quite exceptional (and benign).

This could be an important day for you, especially if you're waiting for analysis results, because they'll give better data than you expected.

You'll feel fully energised, so you should take this chance and let your imagination soar. Do a few activities at once if you want to, because tiredness won't keep you trapped in its net.

Besides, if you have any sort of supernatural gift, you'll see your virtue boosted today, so use that inner power to do good.