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Your love life is pretty crazy, and you don't think about the promises you make. You also don't give your actions the importance they deserve either.

So don't promise you'll take your beloved to Mars for your anniversary if you're not going to make it happen (or pay up for it).

If you follow that unconscious path, you won't find the happiness you deserve to enjoy (the same your partner deserves, don't just think about yourselves).

Your couple life could get more intense satisfaction if realism is your standard.

Some single native Taureans will believe in love at first sight today, although some others will have to walk by two or even three times to make Cupid shoot his arrows at them.


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Your career or social status could be exposed to all sorts of external threats this Wednesday.

The achievements you're making with your effort create a sense of jealousy and envy that's not always easy to deal with, Taureans, and today you'll have to breathe in and swallow to avoid awakening your incoming inner monster.

Be peaceful and don't get too obsessed with it, because if you listen to them you'll do exactly as they want: you'll become puzzled.

Besides, you could feel strongly tempted to risking money unnecessarily over things you don't understand, and it might be better for you not to be too adventurous.


Use to the fullest that benign energetic predisposition that the stars predict you'll have, because you not only will feel emotionally strong, but also sensitive.

How about trying to help those in need? There might be someone close to you that needs a little nudge to make progress in life.

When it comes to physical wellness, if you don't have time to go to the gym, that's fine (although you do know you could squeeze in an hour per day), but then you should say goodbye to elevators.

Besides, when you're home you might be able to do some workouts, like parallel jumps with your feet together and your arms tight on the sides, or squatting with a completely straightened back.

Doing some reps with their corresponding rest interval would be mighty fine, and also, cheaper than anything else.