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Pay attention to the small details of your life as a couple, which, even though they may seem irrelevant, are actually very important. Try to smile when you speak, throw your bad mood away.

This way you’ll be able to have a mutual rediscovery which will breathe new life into the relationship, more salt (and more pepper).

If you’ve recently suffered disillusionment in love, get back on your feet and go out to conquer hearts, get back on the horse.

Thanks to Venus’s understanding and complicity on a positive aspect for Taurus, you’ll soon meet someone whose charm and character will win you over. Or perhaps you’ve already met them, and what will change is how you look at them.

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You’re in good shape financially, so much so that you could go to the financial Olympics and come out with a medal.

For many, it will be hard to close any deals you’re negotiating, but if this is your case, don’t even dream of giving up! It might take longer than expected, but don’t let the opportunities in front of you escape you!

Many will think of ways of making money abroad; and you’ll be quite calm about it, traveling abroad won’t frighten you, and you’ll do everything in your power to achieve a blooming financial situation there.


You’re looking for a way to channel the bad energiesand dark thoughts which torment you from time to time, as it happens to everybody.

Taking a step back from your daily routine and going somewhere in nature where you can relax and open your mind to new stimuli will be good for you; it will be great for your balance.

If you have strong allergies, coming into contact with animals could be harmful to you, keep this in mind. Likewise, watch what you eat, especially if you’re eating at a restaurant where they haven’t specified the allergens on the menu.