Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll feel very comfortable in your own skin, Taurus, feeling confident in your own potential, in your ability to love. You know you can make the world happy.

However, you won’t feel like seducing anyone today, the stars show a day of introspection, of exercising self-love.

For this reason you’ll feel appalled to learn there’s people who think you’re a threat to their relationship, as if you wanted to steal their partner, in a shady game of jealousy and possessiveness.

Easy, Taurus: you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s other people’s perception of you that is toxic and wrong.

Try to pay them no mind, you haven’t done anything embarrassing or anything to feel ashamed of; everything will clear up in the end. If it doesn’t, shut down anyone looking to pick a fight.

Your Saturday is too nice to waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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Be mindful of your expenses, because the money is coming out of your pocket like water through a sieve, coin by coin, penny by penny.

You know that a leak can eventually turn into a lake, so, get cracking to prevent any future headaches!

The key is to pinpoint those daily expenses that you think are unimportant, but which can add up.

For example, that couple of daily coffees you buy from that coffee shop next to your work, or that taxi ride you could do without (and you could walk a bit more!!).


Going out for dinner with your partner or with friends doesn’t have to go against your diet, so long as you play it smart.

For example, have a healthy snack before leaving your house (an apple, a couple of carrots). It will fill you up and then you won’t wolf down the restaurant dishes.

Always choose sugar-free drinks, obviously, and eliminate (or reduce) your alcohol intake, which only gives you empty calories and a hangover.

With small tweaks you’ll be able to enjoy fun filled evenings, and the number on the scale won’t go up.