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Little by little you’ve learned to subtly control your surroundings, and you release your creative energy a little bit at a time. You’ll surprise your friends with ingenious proposals and you’ll heal the souls of those who are down in the dumps.

If you’re single, your feeling of satisfaction is huge, you’ve channeled your emotional needs in a curious way and you feel the person you hold a candle for is starting to show signs of interest. But there’s still a long way to go!

The development of new bonds and agreements which allow you to express your feelings without feeling judged is also favoured.

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There are rumours that are very optimistic for your finances, they relate to the possibility to grow within your company.

Don’t hesitate to propose innovative perspectives, and to have meetings with your bosses to see how much truth there is to the rumours.

Project success with your attitude and words, this way your words and ideas will be welcomed enthusiastically. You’ll be surprised when you’re given more free rein than expected to make your next move.

Speaking of money is something that people feel uncomfortable with, but don’t hesitate to ask how much the news will impact your salary.


Your emotional intelligence is exquisite. Even though things weren’t all fun and games, you’ll know how to let go of your tension, Taurus.

You’ll analyze your surroundings to highlight the most serene aspect of them and you’ll open up your soul to authenticity, consolidating your existing bonds, and achieving fulfillment.

Things might not have been easy at the start of this week, but your attitude is focused on making everything improve from this very second.

Try to steer clear of noise pollution this Monday, as noise will disturb you greatly, and will destabilize your feelings.