Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your relationship is feeling the strain of an intense week, but you’ll patch things up through advice from others. You’ll give your relationship new momentum, or you’ll go along with the one given to it by your partner. 

Your feelings are honest and true, and if you’re single, the person you meet today will notice this straight away. Today might be the day for the most epic romance, the only thing missing will be the birds singing around you as if it were a Disney film.

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Big resolutions will be your signature move. You’re going through a very enterprising phase in terms of money and work, and it was about time, too.

Today you prefer to respect the process and carry out your duties in the necessary steps in accordance with your abilities. Even if people tempt you to cheat and take shortcuts, you’ll refuse to do it; you want to do everything by the book, in compliance with your work’s rules and regulations.

Some will have the option of taking the bull by the horns and shine because of their charisma and enthusiasm. Whether your area of expression is artistic or professional, it’s time to engage the audience with all the subtlety of your being. You’ll gather a following, but don’t pretend to know more than you do either.


Your health might not be golden, but it will be good nonetheless. That is, you won’t be the first to reach the top of the mountain if you go hiking with friends, but you be the last either.

You don’t need to stick to gentle exercise today, you can push yourself a little, your body will thank you for it.

With the characteristic August heat across the northern hemisphere, sleeping might be tricky. Try to sleep naked tonight, using only a bedsheet to cover yourself. This might help as you’ll adapt better to the temperature changes, Taurus.