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Today's star influences will bring in a highly inquisitive attitude from you, in the worst sense possible. People will fear you!

This way, your partner will have the nasty feeling of always having to explain themselves, every step they take and every move they make.

And let's not even talk about their schedule, which they'll show you in detail to account for every outing or meet-up they have this Sunday.

This could be a seriously dangerous dynamics if kept on over time, so you should try to end your reign of terror soon... Otherwise, you might end up being left alone because no one wants to be around you.

On their own side, singles could end up seeing so much more of a date which they're not too attentive about at a first glance.


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There's people who think they're financial experts, when the money actually flies out their backdoor and there's no way to stop it.

So today, try to mistrust recommendations from close friends who will advise you, and almost boss you around, about what to do with your earnings.

You should especially run like there's no tomorrow if you're invited to invest in a pyramid system or something of the sort, the ones that promise that money will rain.

There's a sure scam there, and whatever money you get in won't be coming back again.


Thanks to the harmonious hug of Mars, you'll feel much more relaxed and safer than ever this Sunday.

The immediate consequence of this is that your nervous fatigue will be significantly reduced, and it'll give you a powerful energy boost to do whatever activity you like.

If you can afford it, do some sport in the midst of nature. Maybe you could try some light trekking, which you can also practice with the whole family.

And to give your new week a strong kickstart, try to go to bed early.

Forget about watching your favourite show until late in the night, and ditch the online show bingeing. Rest is essential if you want to give your best.