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Your exalted communication leads you to happy encounters. You’ll be in tune with your surroundings and you’ll savour the breath of freedom that’s blowing your way, which quenches your need to escape, to fly away, those needs that haunt you at night, Taurus.

If you’re in a relationship, the day will be vibrant, but you’ll have to make an effort for that emotional and sensual fusion you dream to happen.

Your feelings will be passionate, enthusiastic, impulsive, but don’t think you’re a star in an adult film; come back to earth for a minute, alright? It’s the only way for your mood to be conducive for seduction games.

Some will confuse love with other feelings and emotions such as worship and unrestrained adoration towards your other half. And this isn’t good, as it distances you from reality.

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Try not to be overly generous with your loved ones; you’ll promise to make gifts and lend money and other similar things that might jeopardize your financial balance.

At work you’ll be less open than usual, you’ll close up and you’ll often struggle to communicate; your speech skills won’t be great, nor will your ability to listen. Nosey people should be careful with you, as you won’t have any patience for them. You have no time for this kind of thing.


You’ll notice the universe sends you small signs to make things go well; you’ll know which way to go, and which areas to avoid, to safeguard your wellbeing. Your sixth sense will be very switched on in this area today!

However, you should avoid overexerting yourself; you wouldn’t want to get a minor injury for playing the superhero, would you?

If you’ve been doing one of those allegedly miraculous diets, be careful with the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Don’t think your metabolism has changed: what’s more, if you eat junk food you’ll put on more weight than you’ve lost.